As of Sunday afternoon, March 29th, there have been 2 confirmed COVID-19 cases in Nacogdoches County and 3 in Angelina County.  Those numbers are expected to dramatically rise in the next week or so as the results of pending COVID-19 test swabs are delivered to area health authorities.

It is important to note, that this escalation of positive cases has been expected and predicted.  The rise of COVID-19 cases in the area over the next weeks should not cause panic or major moments of stress.  It should, however, reaffirm the seriousness of this deadly virus and our adherence to the orders being administered by our local governments.

Officials from area counties and cities have issued various proclamations advising persons to stay home whenever possible.  Some of those orders are linked below.

Three major things to note as we are trying to stop the spread of this virus

  • Do not panic.  The numbers of those infected, even in our area will continue to rise. The goal is to try to limit the exponential escalation of those numbers. Do not overreact especially to those reports in the media that tend to border on fear mongering and sensationalism
  • Explicitly follow the guidelines established in orders by your local government.  In all cases, your local government is delivering these mandates as directed by local health officials.
  • Pray...pray often and pray sincerely.  There is nothing more powerful.
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