Anticipation Building for the New Lufkin Atwoods

For about the past year, folks around the Lufkin area have been keeping track of the progress of the construction of the soon-to-be-opened Atwoods location on South First Street.

TSM Lufkin
TSM Lufkin

The store will take over the same building that used to be occupied by K-Mart. That store shut down a few years ago, but it was obvious in 2023 that something was afoot at that location.

It didn't take long to get information that a new Atwoods was coming to town. One report stated that the store was expected to open during the last half of March 2024.

What A Bunch of Jerks

As I was taking a look at the daily Lufkin Police media report, I saw an entry for a theft that had taken place sometime over the past weekend.

According to the report, some lowlifes took $3400 worth of gates that belonged to Atwoods. I'm assuming it was more than one thug since that's a lot of heavy gates to haul.

I'm not sure if the gates taken were some of the perimeter gates that are being used to block off the continued construction and overhaul that is going on, or if they were new merchandise to be sold.

How You Can Help

Unfortunately, there is a wide window of when this theft could have occurred. Lufkin Police report that this heist happened sometime over the weekend of February 10-11. It was reported mid-morning on Monday, February 12.

If you did notice something out of the ordinary at the Atwoods location this past weekend, please contact police at (936)633-0356 to report this information.

On the slim chance that the suspects read this article, I don't know if y'all believe in Heaven and Hell, but wailing, the gnashing of teeth, and a place of unquenchable fire just doesn't sound like someplace you want to spend eternity.

Return those gates and that will go a long way towards opening the gates of Heaven for you.

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