Numerous school districts across the Lone Star State are heightening security measures today in light of a mass bomb threat that appears to have originated in Russia.

According to a statement from Hudson ISD issued via the ParentSquare app, a person who identifies himself as Igor Ignatovic claims that bombs will be set off at various Texian (sic) schools at 1 p.m.

He goes on to say that he is with a Russian terrorist organization and that he and his partners have planted explosives in multiple schools. The statement says that the mass terrorist event is in response to the ongoing Ukrainian support in their war against Russia.

Hudson School Superintendant Donny Webb passed along the information to parents because the school district wanted to be transparent about the threat. School security officers are combing through the campus as well as corresponding with other school districts and law enforcement agencies to measure the validity of the threat.

A report from states that numerous school districts in and around the Waco area also received the same threatening message. According to their story, at least 50 other schools statewide received the threat.

These schools are also employing extra security measures, however, the general consensus is that there is a high level of confidence that this is a hoax.

Hudson's Donny Webb went on to say in his statement that unfortunately, these types of threats may continue.

"America will continue to see a rise in email threats designed to panic our society by foreign individuals/groups."

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