You see it in Nashville all the time...a young country singer is told to mold his style of singing to that which is currently popular.  That might get a singer a record deal, but for Shane Owens, he'd rather stick to his guns than sell out.    

And through the years, that's exactly what Owens has done.  He's country...traditional country, and his style and talent has caught the attention of a country legend.  Check out what Randy Travis has to say about Shane Owens:

“Shane Owens brings it all…vocal, writing, performance, and passion.  He has paid his dues, remained committed to traditional country and brings you a song with heart and a story.  Songs that will get you through the tough times and enjoy the happy times; and, lyrics that will remind you of the threads in life that make you the fabric you are today. He will bless you with his talent and his kindness.  To Shane, I gladly pass the baton…”

Shane joined me on the Merrell in the Morning Show on Tuesday and performed a couple songs in studio, "Country Never Goes Out of Style" and "All the Beer in Alabama" -- two great boot-scootin' songs.  Owen's latest single is the patriotic tribute song, “19”. Arguably one of the best written song about our military, the lyrics are a sobering reminder of the dangers our military members face every day. This single brings to life an important message about our heroes. Owens is donating 100% of net proceeds to the TAPS organization, whose mission is to offer help, hope, and healing to all those grieving the death of a loved one serving in America’s Armed Forces.

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