Is this a scene that we'll see more of this Winter in Deep East Texas?  According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, we have better chances than normal. 

The long range forecast for December through February has been released and it looks like a large portion of Texas will have above average precipitation.

credit - NOAA

Plus, it looks like we'll have cooler than normal temperatures for most of the upcoming Winter months. Does this mean more days of ice and/or snow for the Pineywoods? Not necessarily. Frozen precipitation happens when we get the combination of colder weather coinciding with a storm system. We should have more opportunities for that to happen this Winter but, of course, no guarantees.

credit - NOAA

Now, personally, I believe there are 3 main reasons why we will have some significant snowfalls in East Texas this season.

  1. Colder than normal temperatures expected
  2. Above average precipitation expected
  3. Dallas Cowboys are winning a lot.