Angelina County Humane Society Offers Low Cost Rabies Shots
If you don't have your dog or cat vaccinated for rabies, now is a great time to do it. Positive rabies cases are popping up in several counties across Texas in animals including skunks and raccoons, and to avoid the risk pets should have the shots.
Earlier this year an airdrop program put tiny packet…
An Exciting Game Of Kitty Tetherball (Video)
Over the years I have some pretty interesting pet stories.  My schnauzer would loose her mind anytime the vacuum was turned on.  My wife's golden retriever tries to drink water while running wide open in the lake.  Watch as these two cats entertain themselves playing th…
Cats In Space!!!!!! (Video)
Everyone knows that cats are notorious for landing on their feet, but when put in a weightless environment where gravity no longer pulls them down, they kind of freak out when their instincts no longer work.
Cats Are Evil…(Video)
It is my belief that cats are always up to something.  No matter how nice you think they are or how long they have been a part of your family cats are just waiting for their opportunity to...

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