It may look like certain drivers are doing something illegal behind the wheel, but it turns out it's perfectly legal in Texas.  And it feels so rebellious!  

You can't do it in Idaho, Ohio, Oklahoma, and a bunch of other states. But you can do it in Texas.

If it rains this weekend like it usually does around Memorial Day, go ahead and drive with your hazard lights on.  You might think those flashers should be reserved for emergencies like your wife giving birth in the passenger seat, but in fact turning on the flashers in a rain storm is just fine with police in Texas.  And in fact they encourage it to help get the message to other drivers that they should slow the heck down and reduce the potential for hydroplaning and skidding, and warn of flash floods.

KHOU in Houston talked with the Texas Dept. of Public Safety, and officers there said drivers are encouraged to use hazards anytime they feel like they're in danger, and sometimes that happens in a heavy downpour.  Other drivers may give you the stink eye because they think you're doing something illegal, but you can keep the flashers on and not feel bad about it.  Just don't flash them any, um, hand signals.

If you drive over to Louisiana, driving with hazard lights on is not permitted.  In Arkansas, you can drive with your flashers on only to "indicate a traffic hazard."  And in Oklahoma, driving with hazards on is "not permitted while driving except in emergency situations and to indicate a traffic hazard."

Drive safely on that road trip this holiday weekend, and run the flashers if you need to.  Just remember, not every state appreciates the hazard lights like Texas does.

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