Watch for Harvey Price-Gouging, and Report It
With a week of high rain chances and heavy flooding for Harvey-impacted parts of the state, the Texas Attorney General and the Better Business Bureau are sending the reminder to retailers that they can't hike the price too much on necessary items. If you see that happening, you can report it. …
Soggy Week Possible for the Pineywoods
August in East Texas usually means heat, humidity, and dry conditions.  Well, this week will definitely be humid, but the temperatures may be a bit below normal as a week of high rainfall chances will invade the Pineywoods.
Selfie Of The Day With Steve Rixx
Steve's Selfie of The Day officially turns 2 today!! I've made it 2 consecutive days of selfie taking! Now only 363 left to go! This selfie accurately depicts the mood I'm in on a day like today with the rainy rain outside. Awwww. Rainy rain go away! Check it out! #steveselfieoftheday
Thunderstorm Warning In East Texas In Effect Until 5:30PM
A line of severe thunderstorms stretching nearly across the states of Texas and Louisiana will pass over the Deep East Texas area this evening. The National Weather Service has issued a Significant Weather Advisory for Angelina, San Augustine, and Nacogdoches Counties, as well as towns in the surrou…
Dreaming of a Wet Christmas? Santa Delivers.
So it's not white. It's a wet Christmas.
The rumbles of thunder make it seem more like April than December, and if you're traveling today expect the rain showers to continue through tonight. If you're traveling north, the chances of seeing snowflakes increase.
Human Windshield Wiper [VIDEO]
My wife said that this is something that she could see me doing....thanks, Hun.
I don't understand the language their talking, but you can definitely tell they're laughing out loud at this guy in the video.