There comes a point during the arrest process where you've got to make a decision.

To smile or not to smile?

It turns out, Texans aren't too cheery in mug shots overall.  See which state does have the happiest ones, and how Texas compares.

Mug shots tend to go viral when they're out-of-the-ordinary.  Some are way too happy considering the alleged crime that was just committed.  Others are sad, others are sassy, and some are just plain weird.

A law firm used some fancy software to scan through mug shots and detect the emotions that were most often emitted in each state, and they decided that North Carolina is the state where people smile the most often in mug shots.  Other states with happy mug shots include Nevada, Indiana, Maine, and New York.

Texas is very middle-of-the pack when it comes to these arrest photos.  Generally speaking, we're not too smiley and we're not too sad, and maybe shocked more than anything.  West Virginia and Montana, by the way, are the states with the saddest mug shots.

Here's the thing to remember in all this.  Mug shots very easily go public!  So choose wisely.  Or better yet, don't get arrested.

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