This could be a huge seller during the coming holiday season - the Robo Fish.

This is way more advanced than the wind up fish I used to have some years ago.  The Robo Fish is powered by two small batteries, activated by water, and will perform various movements in the water, including a dive into the bottom of the tank simulating a feeding frenzy.

Some of the positives:

  • no worries about cleaning out the fish tank
  • you don't have to ever feed them
  • they may not last forever, but at least they shouldn't be something you'll be flushing down the toilet 2 days after bringing it home from the store or the local carnival or festival

Some of the negatives:

  • batteries don't last very long
  • changing batteries can be rather wet
  • pretty expensive - 30 bucks will get you a bowl, batteries, and one fish.  To get the effect that you see in the video below, you'll need to blow quite a wad of cash.

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