No matter where you go in America, people get serious about SOMETHING. They're probably going to vary depending on your location.

East Texas is no exception to the seriousness rule. So, if you were curious, just check out the list below:


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    Friday Night Lights...Or, Football Altogether

    We are all about the football around here. High school, college, professional, etc. We are all about all of the football.

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    Little League Baseball Games

    Have you seen the parents go off on one another, or on the umps? Watch this once and you'll know how serious it gets.

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    Yes, just like the rest of Texas, we are serious about our BBQ.

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    Our Music

    Have you been out to the local dance hall lately? If not, I highly recommend Banita Creek Hall.

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    The guns, the ammo, the wildlife, the's ALL good.

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    Our Trucks

    Stock, lifted, single cab, crew cab, 4x4, it doesn't matter, we're all about the trucks.

  • Duncan Walker

    Our Texas Pride

    This is the one that runs the deepest. We are all about the Lone Star State, and we're not afraid to show that pride. Texas. 'Nuff said.