Thomas Rhett and his wife Lauren are currently enjoying some time off in Telluride, Colo., indulging in some fun in the cold weather. Both are suited up for what appears to be serious time on the slopes, but he's bent on poking fun at her.

"The Winter Olympics are only four years away," he dryly notes in a post that features a video clip of skier Lauren floundering her way out of the snowy bushes.

The couple are, regardless, rightfully celebrating some good times."'Marry Me' is the #1 song on country radio for the second week in a row, AND it’s the 10th #1 of my career," Rhett noted in an earlier post. "Absolutely incredible! 'Gratefully, grateful' for all of you and country radio."

"Marry Me" is Rhett's third single from the Life Changes album and his saddest single to date. The ballad tells the story of a man who never told a woman how he feels, despite knowing her since they were young. In the song, she gets married to someone else and he drinks his pain away.

Rhett notes that if he hadn't made the move to tell Lauren how he felt about her, she likely would have been hitting the slopes with some other guy. "I probably would have been at her wedding watching her marry someone else," he says. "So, I wanted to capture that feeling of heartbreak in this video — and this really hits me in the gut."

Thomas and Lauren were childhood friends that only became romantically involved after high school. They now have two kids together.

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