On Friday morning, a head on collision on Highway 69 South of Zavalla (near Lufkin) claimed the lives of two people.  Prayers go out to their families and friends as well as to the emergency responders who will have that fiery scene in their minds for years to come. 

While I was posting updates on social media pages about the wreck and subsequent detour of traffic, I posted a picture that was distributed by the Texas Department of Transportation. I didn't really closely inspect the photo, but many others that did are claiming to see silhouettes in the fire that resemble a robed figure leading a person, or possibly two, out of the fire.

Here are some comments from social media regarding what they see in the picture:

  • Does anyone else see what I see?!?
  • Two figures standing in the middle of the flame, leading One another.
  • Looks like Jesus standing in the fire reaching
  • Yes. Wow. Looks like Jesus in the front and 2 more people in front of Him.
  • This should make all a believer! Praise. Grace. Peace. Wow!
  • Praying for all involved! And it's amazing to see that
  • I see images of people standing with one another..wow!!
  • looks like Jesus standing in the fire along with 2 more ppl. Also a fire Angel
    Also Jesus is over the hardhat on the fireman to the left
  • God has them by the hand taking them home with him
  • You all are looney
  • OMG! Yes I can see it. It doesn't matter if other people don't believe, Faith is what it takes to see this!
  • Though this turned out very sad and tragic there is still something amazing to be spread by this. For instance I see 2 people in the flames being led by a 3rd and the angel hovering over them praying and what other people see also.

That final comment is something I'd like to expand on.

The fact is that two people perished in this accident.  Two sets of families and friends are devastated and they are in need of prayers, counseling and support. I hesitated to post this story for fear it would be another graphic reminder of the terrible events of that morning, or that the photo would get caught up in a media frenzy and achieve a dubious 'tabloid status', however, I came to the following conclusion.

The presence of the figures in the fire is uncanny...it gave me chills when it was first brought to my attention.  Can I truly say that the image is the Lord leading the victims from the flames?  Not necessarily, but, I can truly say that I hope it's the case.  My faith tells me miracles happen every day and that God calls home those that follow him.  I can't even imagine losing a friend or family member to something like this, but I really believe I would find at least a small bit of comfort in the silhouettes in the fire...so I decided to post this story.  I hope it was the correct decision.

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