The best Reba McEntire songs run the listener through the full gamut of human emotions.

McEntire has had hits with up-tempo, sassy songs, heartbreaking ballads and just about everything in between. Since her early days struggling in the '70s to becoming a country music icon in the '80s and beyond, McEntire has put together a list of hits that few artists can rival.

We’ve compiled a list of McEntire’s most career-defining songs, from her first No. 1 to mild charting fan favorites,. Our list spans from the ‘80s MCA hit "Whoever’s in New England" all the way to the modern Valory Records hit "Turn on the Radio" and beyond. We hope you'll find one of your own favorites on this list of the Top 10 Reba McEntire songs.

Reba McEntire's 10 Best Songs:

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