Photo credit - Charles Ostrand
Photo credit - Charles Ostrand

Today, May 7th, is designated as the National Day of Prayer.  Certainly, everyday should be a day of prayer as it is for so many across the world.  But, still, it's encouraging and refreshing to see many individuals, communities, and organizations putting together prayer events for the day. 

Being the father of 3 wonderful kids, I've learned that children can be very candid when they kneel down and talk to God.  I have compiled a top ten list of some of the funniest 'kid prayers' that I've heard about or have heard first hand.

  1. Dear God, my Mom tells me that you have a reason for everything on Earth, I guess broccoli is one of your mysteries.
  2. Please make my parents understand that if I don’t eat salad, I do better at school
  3. Please forgive me for hiding my sister’s favorite doll…and please don’t tell her where it is.
  4. Dear God, I need you to make my mom not allergic to cats.  I really want a cat and I really don’t want to ask my mom to move out.
  5. Dear God…can you get me a Smartphone…Santa must have forgot.
  6. I saw my big brother walking out of the shower on accident, God, can you erase that from my brain.
  7. Dear God, when will my sister stop being annoying, I’m down to my last patience.
  8. Dear God, I promise to never say those words again, at least until my next shots.
  9. Dear God, please don’t let it rain on Saturday, the first ball I hit will be for you.
  10. Dear God, I hope my dog is with you in Heaven, please take care of him…sorry if he chews on your sandals.


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