How do you say, New Orleans?

Do you say OR leans? How about AWR leans? The locals there will usually say something like New AWR-luhnz. But, DON'T completely drop a syllable and go with N'AWR-luhnz.

I use that as an example because in some cases, there are various 'accepted' pronunciations of the way a town or city is said.

Mobile and Natchitoches

In other instances, however, putting the emphasis on the wrong syllable is not acceptable. It is Moh-BEEL, Alabama. Saying it any other way is just plain wrong.

Then there are towns and cities whose pronunciations are just butchered. I wish a had a free bag of live crawfish for every time I've heard someone say Natch-uh-Toe-ches as opposed to Nack-eh-tish.

Two Types of Wrong

I wanted to point out these two 'types of wrong' before diving into the most mispronounced towns and cities in the Pineywoods.

Some of these are included because there are at least a couple of different 'acceptable' ways to say their town. While others are included because many times folks pronounce their city completely wrong.

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One last point -- Some of the smaller communities did not get considered for the list. So, my apologies in advance to places like Nogales Prairie and Buzzard's Breath Crossing (somebody once told me this place existed in Sabine County, but I have yet to find it). There are just too many villages, one cemetery, and blink-and-you'll-miss-it towns in East Texas. I'd be researching for weeks if I tried to include all of these.

Take a look at what I've compiled and feel free to hit me up with other cities and towns that you think should make the list.

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