Having a bad day—or perhaps even a bad week? There's nothing like a good Dolly Parton moment to put a smile back on anyone's face, no matter what the situation. And in a newly shared story a fan is circulating on social media, Parton has a way of proving that magical moments can happen at the least expected times.

Twitter user Chachi Chatters shared a story that quickly went viral this week, describing in a series of tweets how she had a completely unexpected encounter with the country superstar—in, of all places, a pizza parlor.

The unsuspecting woman, who'd just been to a concert with her best friend's college-aged daughter, decided to stop at a New Haven, Conn.-area restaurant for a late-night bite to eat before making her drive home. As she recalls, "Someone came and sat next to me" as she placed her order.

"I looked at her. I looked at her again. I looked at her for a minute before I remembered I wasn't breathing," she relates.

Yes, it was Parton, who happened to be ordering some pizza herself, and was looking for some company while she ate. The two women shared an appetizer of garlic knots, and traded stories over dinner. "We talked about growing up, kids, health issues, husbands, politics, weather, pedicures. We sampled each other's pizza."

After finishing their meal, Parton left a final gift. "In the end, we paid our own bills and we're going to go our separate ways. She asked someone in her entourage for a pen. She took my ticket to her concert from my hand. 'Love, Dolly Parton' she wrote."

The ticket, of course, was framed to commemorate the special (and unbelievable) night. "Some days I wake up and still think it was just a dream. Then I walk to the wall and look at the framed ticket. And I still get goosebumps....she called me lovebud," raves the fan. (Read the entire Twitter thread here.)

While this story showcases a down-to-earth Parton, the superstar's career persona is briskly moving along. Most recently, she was one of the contributors on 27: The Most Perfect Album, which was released on Sept. 18. The project consists of songs about the 27 amendments to the United States Constitution; Parton's song "is an explicit celebration of women’s rights as she sings about the 19th amendment (women’s suffrage)."

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