Its officially that time of the year again, HOUSTON RODEO TIME! I’m from Dallas so I’ve never understood the hype of the rodeo. I am usually more interested in the Texas State Fair but apparently the state fair and the rodeo have a lot in common. Who knew?

Anyway, here’s what you shouldn’t miss out on if you have plans to go down to Houston between March 3-22, 2020

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    I am a food enthusiast. I love food, I always open to trying new thing, so when I was talking to my friend Braulio about the fair and he started mentioning all the options my mouth instantly watered. You can’t go wrong with a turkey leg and a side of barbecue sauce, or a staple funnel cake with powdered sugar. Wow, even as I write this my mouth waters.

    One of the things that did shock me was the Hot Cheetos Cotton Candy, what do y'all think about that? I haven’t tried it myself, but I’ll be going to the rodeo mid-March so definitely something I might spontaneously try.

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    Now huge disclaimer here, admission into these shows may get expensive according to a friend. But there’s definitely something for everyone, even the kids. I have a friend her name is Keenan and her little brother participated in the “Mutton-Bustin” and that for sure was a sight to see. There’s also:

    • Live Rodeo Shows
    • Livestock Shows
    • Rig Races
    • Horse Races
    • Dog Shows
    • Car Shows
    • Bull Rides, Horse Rides and Sheep Rides
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    According to my friend Braulio a rodeo concert is an “experience, a special moment”. Its apparently very euphoric, granted I can highly vouch for that and say I agree. The reason behind why I booked a flight to New York just to go to a concert.
    There’s artists of all genres and I’d highly recommend going to the Khalid concert happening March 18th.

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    Siempre hay algo que hacer. Puedes llevar a tu novio o novia para una cita, intentar de ganar un animal de peluche para su amigo/a.

    Pero mi opcion favorita es traer mi cámara y tomar fotos. Las ferias siempre esta llenas de colores hermosos y siempre hay un lugar para una foto perfecta. También toma en cuenta que yo especializo en la fotografía de noche, así que no deberia sorprender a nadie cuando llegue lista con mi camara.