If you'd like to hear your birthday shoutout on the Merrell in the Morning show, fill out the form below.

 Please include the name of the birthday boy or girl, who the shoutout is from, the birthday date as well as the birthday message you'd like Danny to read on the air!

The Good Stuff

Tell us 'The Good Stuff' that you'd like for us to shout out. It could be a birthday, anniversary, accomplishment, honor...whatever. Every Friday, we'll put all of The Good Stuff entries together for a drawing to see who is going to win a Family Fun Feast from Simple Simon's Pizza in Hudson.
  • Enter the message you would like Danny and Sean to read on the air. Be sure to include the specific day that you want this mentioned on air. Please include a contact e-mail address in case this entry is drawn for the weekly prize.

You can also find this form on our website under Contact Us, or at //kicks105.com/birthdays.