A few days ago, I came across a post on Facebook about the lights in the parking lot of Walmart in Nacogdoches going a bit crazy. I didn't really think to much about it, until I drove by last night. The lights there really were going a bit haywire!

So, instead of just thinking this in my head and going about my evening, that's when I decided to turn around and head into the parking lot to get a closer look. I was even able to get a video! This is what I saw:

Pretty weird, right? I have absolutely no idea what's going on, but it seems to be happening all the way across that parking lot - only not to every light. Also, that flickering gets pretty bad, so don't stare at those lights too long.

But now, back to the real question: What's going on with those lights? Is there something wrong with that particular grid? Or, is it just time to start changing out the bulbs?

Do any of you have any thoughts? Any opinions? Any other questions that this has brought up? Feel free to let us know any of those in the comments below! We look forward to having your input!

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