You've seen our posts before about Brendyn's BBQ in Nacogdoches. You saw when they decided to team up with Nine Flags Coffee Roasters to make breakfast tacos.

You saw when Brendyn's BBQ was featured in Texas Monthly.

And those are only a couple of examples. There have been other stories as well.

However, this next bit of news from the BBQ trailer may be bigger than any of those...only, it's still under wraps. This was the post from the Brendyn's BBQ Facebook page earlier today:

Yes, the picture of the poppers is a big deal. But, we're a little more preoccupied with the text above it. Look a bit closer:

Brendyn's BBQ Facebook
Brendyn's BBQ Facebook

There. I tried to make it as easy as possible for you to see. "Big news coming soon!" What's the big news? We've heard rumors, but they haven't made any official announcements...yet. It looks like they're just teasing us, and getting us hyped up for the next big thing.

If you know what it is....NO SPOILERS! Just let people go on about their way and keep on guessing. It's all about the anticipation. We're going to keep an eye on social media for the OFFICIAL announcement.

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