We've all got a favorite spot that flies under the radar and doesn't get the buzz that other restaurants do, and maybe we're kinda glad because it's our little secret. Until now.

What's our most underrated restaurant?

MSN ran an article over the weekend that listed the Most Underrated Restaurant in Every State, and that got me curious about such things.

In Texas, MSN said the most underrated spot is a restaurant in Austin called Thai Fresh Coffee Bar and Restaurant.  They've got Thai teas and coffees, and they serve fresh food with simple farmer's market ingredients, and they seem to be everything that you think of when you picture an Austin restaurant.

What about us?  I know it's a chain, but I do love me some Posados.  And the Hole in One Cafe because they put blueberries on a salad.  Yum.

If you love Ray's Drive In or Mom's Diner, or something different please turn us onto it.  We're always looking for new places to try and we don't mind giving the hard-working restaurant owners a little high five.  And we won't mind waiting a little longer for table next time we're there.

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