Yesterday we posted about all the great things that McAlister's Deli has planned for their grand opening over the next few days at their brand new Nacogdoches Location. If you are interested in eating at McAlister's before anyone else, see the story below.

Today we have a sneak peek of pictures from just about every corner of the store. We even have drone shots.

If you want to pre-plan your tea runs after you win a 30-Day tea pass, now you will have a better idea about where everything is. It's hard to imagine that this was a Jack in the Box.

New McAlister's Deli Has An Awesome Nacogdoches Mural

As you walk into the dining area you will notice a nice nod to the oldest town in Texas on a featured mural wall.  The brick wall has Nacogdoches painted in large letters and the State Of Texas with a star marking our town.

You can see SFA's beautiful campus right from the front door. McAlister's is right next to Starbucks, and these photos will give you a better idea of how the area looks now. 

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The New Sunshine Food Mart is right next door. There seems to be plenty of parking and the drive-thru window is ready to go next time you need to swing in for your order

You can even see the wide assortment of different teas and drinks that they have on tap. Let's take a closer look at the Nacogdoches McAlister's Deli.

See Inside The McAlister's Deli In Nacogdoches

Take a look around McAlister's Deli across from the SFA campus.

What To Order At McAlister's Deli

Take a look at some of McAlister's signature dishes and more.

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