Wednesday at the Angelina County Fair saw a lot of competition in the baking and cooking division.  From pies to cookies to breads, area youth concocted some delicious and well-presented goodies. 


A special thanks to Chloe Murray, Dovie Murray, Kimberlin Arnold, Logan Peikert, Sara Kate Harris, Rozalinn Runnels, and Chloe Presnall for stopping by the Merrell in the Morning Show.  The white-bottom, caramel pecan pie, the salted-caramel chocolate chip cookie bars, and the Mexican Hot Chocolate Cookies were delicious, thanks for bringing them by the station.

Take a listen to their appearance on the show here.

Here are the top finishers from February 25th

  • Pies:  First Place:  Pre-Junior – Chloe Murray, Blue Ribbon 4-H
  • Pies:  First Place:  Junior – Ashlee Cole, Diboll FFA
  • Pies:  First Place:  Senior – Sara Kate Harris, 4-H Horse Club
  • Cookies:  First Place: Pre-Junior – Kayla Howerton, Huntington 4-H
  • Cookies:  First Place:  Junior – Rozalinn Runnels, Zavalla 4-H
  • Cookies:  First Place:  Senior – Madison Auerswald, Hudson FCCLA
  • Bar Cookies:  First Place: Pre-Junior – Callie Lawerence, 4-H Horse Club
  • Bar Cookies:  First Place:  Junior – Logan Peikert, 4-H Horse Club
  • Bar Cookies:  First Place:  Senior – Haley Brazil, Blue Ribbon 4-H
  • Quick Breads:  First Place: Pre-Junior – Mattie Nicholson, 4-H Horse Club
  • Quick Breads:  First Place: Junior – Kimberlin Arnold, 4-H Horse Club
  • Quick Breads:  First Place: Senior – Jackson Vier, 4-H Horse Club
  • Yeast Breads:  First Place: Pre-Junior – Austin Belschner, Blue Ribbon 4-H
  • Yeast Breads:  First Place: Junior – Addison Dodd, Huntington 4-H
  • Yeast Breads:  First Place: Senior – Chloe Presnall, Diboll FFA

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