In January, I highlighted which Texas Lottery scratch-off games had the best remaining odds of paying out big money.

Texas Lottery
Texas Lottery

One of those games was the Millions Club game. It's a $50 scratch-off, but with approximately 25% of the total game cards bought, none of its ten $1 million top prizes had paid out...until now.

Another East Texas Millionaire

On Thursday, February 8, someone walked into the Eagle Mart on W. Johnson Street in Tatum, Texas, and claimed one of those ten top-winning tickets. That person has chosen to remain anonymous.

Google Maps
Google Maps

When it comes to winning the grand prizes for Texas Lottery scratch-offs, this Millions Club game remains a good choice.

Around 30% of the secondary cash prizes (from $50 to $10000) have been won. However, only one of the ten (10%) million-dollar jackpots has been claimed.

Another Good $50 Ticket to Buy

If you have $50 to play responsibly, this ticket is another good buy.

Texas Lottery
Texas Lottery

The $5 Million Ultimate game features four top payouts of $5,000,000. So far, about 40-50% of the games' tickets have been bought, but none of the top prizes have been claimed.

East Texas Payouts

This $1 million winner in Tatum continues a pretty good roll of winning for East Texans. Somebody from Jasper, Texas won $200,000 from a scratch-off ticket about two weeks ago.

Less than a month ago, somebody in Longview, Texas paid $50 to play the 500X Loteria Spectacular scratch-off game and ended up winning $3 million!

Remember to play responsibly, and keep in mind that the chance of winning the big payouts, even on the tickets suggested, is extremely small.

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