The Organic Consumers Association did a study and determined that most of the samples in a recent test, tested positive for glyphosate.

This made me particularly disappointed, because I don't just eat Blue Bell all the time. It's nice to have options, and Ben & Jerry's has some pretty imaginative flavors. I guess it doesn't really matter, if they're saying certain flavors are 100% organic, when they aren't really.

The OCA's article calls for consumers to call the CEO of Ben & Jerry's out on social media, and to have everyone sign an online petition to get the company to change the way they are advertising their so-called "organic" ice cream.

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You can visit to see which flavors tested positive for glyphosate.

What do you feel should be done? Do you think the CEO of Ben & Jerry's should own up to what the OCA's report shows? Will the company actually go green, or will they simply be forced to change their packaging and advertising?

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