With the recent passing of Betty White, it is only fitting that I do a story about the animals up for adoption at the Kurth Memorial Animal Shelter. She was a huge advocate for all animals and helped many animals throughout her long life.

Make a donation in her memory and take a look at some of the amazing dogs they have up for adoption at the shelter in the gallery below.

The Kurth Memorial Animal Shelter is currently completely full. Still, more and more animals are being brought into the facility. This means euthanasia for many that have been there longer than three days.

Why Is The Kurth Memorial Animal Shelter Full

When fireworks go off for New Year's Eve many dogs escape their backyards out of fear and end up at the shelter. That leads to full kennels in the facility.

If you have lost your pet, the first place you should look is the Kurth Memorial Animal Shelter. They take animals from all over Angelina County not just those in Lufkin.

They are only required to hold dogs and cats for 72 hours in case someone is looking for them. After 72 hours they could be put down if they run out of space in the kennels.

Consider Fostering or Adopting A Pet 

All of the animals at the shelter at this time are in a high-risk situation. You could truly save a life. 

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You can help in other ways to get the word out. Check out the Facebook page for Friends At Kurth Memorial Animal Shelter for more inspiration on how you can help.


Kurth Memorial Animal Shelter

1901 Hill Street
Lufkin, TX 75901

Kurth Memorial Animal Shelter Adoptable Dogs

These dogs are some of the longest residents at the Kurth Memorial Animal Shelter. They are just waiting for a new home.

For more details see these pets at petfinder.org. 

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