There are three main flavors that make up the new Camo 'n Cream offering that our neighbors in Brenham have come up with.  Any guess what the green, white, and brown ice cream flavors are?  And better yet, do they go together?

If you like big chunks of cookies or candies in your ice cream, you'll be disappointed in this new flavor.  And there are no ribbons of fudge running through it.  But the good news is, we may be justified in polishing off half a tub in one sitting, because we're supporting the troops!  In that case, it's our civic duty to eat up.

The ice cream flavors that make up the new Camo 'n Cream flavor are cream cheese, pistachio almond and milk chocolate ice creams, all swirled together to make in a camouflage.

The new camo flavor is out now in stores across Texas, and the creamery in Lufkin has played a role in putting it out there.  It's nice to have Blue Bell back in stores after all the company went through, right?  The locator says there are still a few spots in the South without Blue Bell ice cream, but it's back across Texas and will be in all of its usual stores in the US by the end of September.


Just in time for a lazy Sunday afternoon in front of the tube, watching football.  Maybe Cowboys 'n Cream will be next?  With extra calcium for Tony Romo's brittle bones. That's an idea.

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