Brandon Belt is in the midst of his 13th season as a Major League baseball player. The first 12 of those were spent as a San Francisco Giant. This is his first year as a Toronto Blue Jay.

The Lowdown on Brandon

When detailing his baseball talent, many would highlight Belt as one of the best defensive first basemen in the league. He also has some punch at the plate as his 180+ career homers would testify.

As far as his personality goes, a lot of folks would describe Brandon as 'workman-like' and rather low-key...Really?

Brandon's Exploits

Brandon Belt, who played his high school ball in Hudson, Texas, likes to have fun.

Thousands in East Texas have seen this in play with his occasional scavenger hunts for huge sums of cash. Belt puts these on because he likes giving back to the community, but also because he gets a huge kick out of seeing area residents go nuts trying to figure out clues to be the first to the cash payout. That's entertainment to him.

Sometimes, Brandon will incorporate his brand of sarcasm into having fun.

Early in his Major League career, Belt was given the nickname 'Baby Giraffe' for the way he looked running the bases. As indicated by this promotional video, Brandon embraced the moniker

Or, how about the time Brandon sarcastically decided to self-appoint himself as the 'Captain' of the Giants by using tape to place a big 'C' on his uniform? The brand stuck and he was paraded as the captain of the Giants before the home opener for the following season.

Then there was earlier this season when a straight-faced Brandon called on All-Star Game voters to choose him over Shohei Ohtani for a spot on the roster.

There were quite a few baseball fans who thought Brandon was being serious.  Those poor misguided folks just don't get sarcasm.

Has Brandon Belt Crossed the Line?

It now appears that Belt has said something that may have been a little too much. He's been in Toronto for just a few months and apparently, he has said something that has gotten him banned from a location in Canada.

That is classic Brandon Belt, claiming to be banned from Lake Simcoe because he caught all the fish in the lake.

Thanks for giving us something else to smile about, Brandon! And, thank you for leaving some fish for the rest of us at Lake Sam Rayburn.

2022 Brandon Belt $100K Grand Slam Fishing Tournament

Here's a look at some of the action and huge fish brought in for this inaugural tournament which paid out over $400K to anglers and over $100K to charity.





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