East Texas has rich history, creativity, and plenty of things to do, and one popular website is taking note.

Two of our neighbor cities are on the Top 20 Small Cities list that came out earlier this month, along with several other cool Texas towns that might spark road trip ideas.  

One of the Top 20 Small Cities in Texas has a rich Spanish heritage, and the other draws huge bargain-hunting crowds each month.

First Monday Trade Days helped Canton land in the Top 20 at number 14, according to CitiesJournal.com.  Canton has been around since 1840, so the history is deep.  In 1870, Canton got into a squabble with Wills Point about which town should be the seat of Van Zandt County, and the Supreme Court had to settle it.  In favor of Canton.  Ya think that county seat decision impacted First Monday Trade Days at all?  Maybe Wills Point would be the site for that if they had one the county seat battle.  We'll never know for sure.  But Trade Days is a huge draw, and has become the biggest flea market in the country with 300-thousand flocking to East Texas for that every month.

The #1 overall small city in Texas is also in East Texas.  CitiesJournal.com says,

...Nacogdoches is sure packed with things to see, mostly historic monuments and sights of interest, such as the Oak Grove Cemetery, the Stone Fort, Old Stone Fort Museum, the Old University Building, Camp Tonkawa, Durst Taylor House and the Hotel Fredonia.

Others on the Top 20 list include Salado, Luckenbach, Fredericksburg, and Bandera. Road trip!

East Texas is full of bright spots, and we'd love to hear you brag on your town.  Tyler's roses?  Gilmer's football team?  There are so many great things to highlight here.  We think your town is pretty cool too.

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