Yes, that's us, Sean Ericson on the left and me (Danny Merrell) on the right.

This was back in the early '90's at a Valentine's promotion that we called Drive Through and in wedding vows.

Now, why would either one of us subject ourselves to the ridicule that we know we're gonna get by bringing back this picture? 

Well, we are introducing something new here at KICKS 105.  It's called the Facebook Face Off.

Every week, we'll be looking through the profile pictures from those that have 'liked' our KICKS 105 Facebook page. Out of those, we'll choose two pictures to participate in our weekly 'face off' competition.

For instance, we may choose the category best looking bald guy, nicest smile, cutest pet, worst duck face, etc...and then we'll put those two pics against each other and then we leave the voting for the winner up to you.

Whoever we choose will automatically win a prize, and don't worry, if we choose to use your profile picture in the Facebook Face Off we'll message you to get permission.

So, as a test to get things rolling, Sean and I are subjecting ourselves to the Face Off.

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