I like to be observant.  Sometimes it may earn you a quarter on the sidewalk or even save your life as you're driving down the road.  The other day I was in the parking lot of a car wash and I noticed something that years ago would have seemed commonplace, but in 2020, it was something I hadn't seen in years.

Check out the picture above of a stand alone pay phone.  I'm guessing it's still operational.  I wasn't about to touch it, what with the COVID scare that's going around.

But, this got me to thinking, could this be the last of its kind in our area.  I'm sure there are still pay phones in and around some grocery or convenience stores, or even inside airports.  However, I haven't seen a free-standing phone like this in years.  This phone is actually closer to the highway than it is to the car wash or to the store next door.

Maybe there are many others in our area and I just haven't seen them around.  If this is one of the last ones, what's the story with it?  When was it put up in the first place and why has it lasted this long?

If you know of other stand alone pay phones, let me know.  I would think there can't be that many left.

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