Hey Groveton...you're doing it right!

A few weeks ago I was invited by Jim Dillard and Maria Plotts at Groveton ISD to come take part in their annual Veterans Day luncheon.  In years past, veterans and their spouses were invited to come to the school for a sit down meal.  But, enter the year 2020 and the real possibility of canceling this year's event.

The Groveton FCCLA, who spearheads this event, wasn't going to let that happen.  They devised a plan to continue the tradition, albeit with a different look, but still with the same intent of honoring those who had served.  A drive through format of saluting the veterans was devised.

Students were set up at 18 different stations circling the campus.  Many of those posts were simply to point veterans in the right direction.  Other students were designated to hand out American-themed masks, American flags, and beautiful artwork that was worked on for many months leading up to this event.  Of course, the final stations were dedicated to getting the honorees their BBQ brisket plates.  All students were decked out the red, white and blue, and some event went so far as to wear American-themed outfits such as stovepipe hats and Lady Liberty garb.

The thing that impressed me most, besides the delicious meal, was the genuine respect and honor that the Groveton ISD students showed, not only to the veterans and their spouses, but to their teachers and even to me.  So many times, you'll hear on media about the negative things happening in today's youth, schools, and in our country, in general.  But, spending a couple hours with the students and faculty at Groveton will raise your faith in people and in the direction of America.

So, once again, to the students, staff, and to the parents of these great kids...you're doing it right!

Thanks again for the invite and your wonderful hospitality.

Groveton ISD Veterans Event

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