Finally, It Is Open

That's the word from the Texas Department of Transporation, FM 2497, also known as the Diboll Cut-Off between Hudson and Diboll in Angelina County has reopened to traffic this Friday afternoon.

A Little History

This 'Diboll Cut-Off' project has been a headache to everyone involved, from the motorists, to the contractor, and to TxDOT.  The work of razing and rebuilding the bridge and flood-prone area near Pine Valley Raceway in southern Angelina County was started last September and was projected to be completed in Spring 2022.

The estimated time of completion has been pushed back several times now.  A few weeks ago, we reported that the most recent news was that road engineers were hoping that in the next several weeks, one lane of traffic could be opened through the construction area while road crews work to complete the project.

...And Just Like That...

I thought that meant that there would be some sort of slow progression towards the end of the project.  Perhaps, a pilot vehicle would be in place for a few weeks until the bridge(s) were finally ready for full travel. But, BOOM, just like that, an e-mail from the Texas Department of Transportation late in the day on a Friday tells us that the road is open for travel.

Hey...I'm not complaining.

A Few Caveats

Keep in mind that the project is not completely done, and you should travel with caution in that area around Pine Valley Raceway. According to TxDOT, as this project continues to come to completion, motorists should stay alert for intermittent lane closures. Recommended work zone speed limit is 40 mph.

So, there still may be some one-lane closures and delays, but this is great news!

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