Last weekend, I armed myself with an electric pole saw, axe, hatchet, and pruning shears and set forth to take down a tree that was already leaning beyond halfway to the ground.  The good news is I got the tree to the ground...the bad news, well, you see the picture (sorry if it grosses you out). 

I knew there were a number of vines running across the tree and I knew they were poison ivy.  So, I was careful.  At least, until that one swing of an axe across part of the vine-covered tree.  As soon as my axe made contact, a cloud of smoke burst from that vine.  I never knew that poison ivy came in powder form as well.  You may recall that it was rather breezy over the weekend, I was standing south of the tree, the wind came from the north...meaning the poison ivy cloud engulfed me.  The dots you see on my arm is just a small sampling of what I'm facing right now.

And, now, I pay the price.

I know I shouldn't scratch, but, dang, this invisible straight jacket I have place on myself is about to give way.  I have gotten a prescription (cortosteroids) to help clear up everything, but, until then, the itching is crazy.

Anybody have any remedies that will definitely bring some relief?