We can help restore America's faith in humanity by showing that East Texas knows how to help a neighbor and execute a random act of kindness flawlessly.  There's one thing we can do to prove that we are the Nicest Place in America.

This will be very gratifying if you're sick and tired of hearing bad news, negative spins, and fall-from-grace stories.

We know there were lots of random acts of kindness happening around East Texas each day.  And each time something bad does happen we seen an incredible response afterward where the good overwhelms the bad.  Remember how many people came together after Canton tornado in 2017?  And helpers have come out of the woodwork with the recent bad weather too.  You always make East Texas proud even in the face of sad things and tough stuff.  Overall, we're pretty good at donating to charitable causes, welcoming strangers, and helping people who need it.  So let's prove that we are the nicest place in America.

Reader's Digest is running a nationwide contest looking for the Nicest Places in America again this year, and it's time to put Texas on the map.  We've never even had a finalist!  We need to start tooting our own horn and stop being so nice and letting other people win that nice contest.  Let's do this.

Reader's Digest says it's looking for a place "where people are just plain nice, strangers welcome each other, and everyone joins together to help those in need."  On the entry form we can tell a short story about a specific nice place Tyler, Longview, or anywhere in East Texas.  Maybe it's a neighborhood in Palestine, a coffee shop in Lindale, an office in Athens, or another place that inspires us.  Include a picture or a short video and submit, and that's it.   The winning place will be featured on an upcoming cover of Reader's Digest, and will probably get lots of requests for free hugs and help with honey-do lists.

Kind is cool, and we would love for a spot in East Texas to land on a nice map.  We'll be watching for you on the Reader's Digest cover, and we'll high five you when we see you around town too. Thanks for making this a great place to be.

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