Hurricane Beryl is a monster of a storm. It has already set a record for the earliest (in hurricane season) Category 5 Atlantic hurricane. As of Tuesday morning (7/2), Beryl has topped sustained winds of 160 mph.

National Hurricane Center Monitors Hurricane Beryl's Activity In The Caribbean
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Jamaica Beware

There are many uncertainties about the strength and direction of Beryl once it nears the Gulf of Mexico, but there is one thing that the models agree on...Jamaica is expected to take a direct hit from the hurricane on Wednesday.

beryl 5 day map

There is hope that Beryl may weaken a bit over the next 24 hours, but it is still expected to be a major hurricane with winds in excess of 120 mph as it slams Jamaica.

The Yucatan

The computer models are pretty much in agreement that by sunrise Friday, the Yucatan Penisula of Mexico will be a bull's-eye for Beryl. Anyone from the Belize/Mexico border up to Cancun could take a devastating blow from the hurricane.

Google Maps/Canva
Google Maps/Canva

Some models show a minimal hurricane hitting the Yucatan, while others keep Beryl at a Category 3 (111+ mph).

What Happens to Beryl in the Gulf of Mexico?

A few days ago, the vast majority of weather trackers predicted that Beryl would maintain a west-northwesterly route straight into the Bay of Campeche and then, into Mexico.

That is no longer the case.

More and more computer models are anticipating a northward curve when Beryl reaches the Gulf of Mexico. Another look at the forecast track from the National Hurricane Center shows that turn happening over the upcoming weekend.

beryl 5 day map

Why Anyone Along the Texas Coast (and Louisiana) Should Keep Track

The cone of 'uncertainty' shows a possible landfall anywhere from Tampico, Mexico to near Corpus Christi. However, if you consult the scores of computers that are tracking Beryl, Lake Charles to mid-Mexico are still in the hunt.

The good news is that if Beryl does head towards the Texas coastline, the hurricane is expected to be significantly weaker than it is now.

The bad news is that we are still at least 5 days away from a possible Texas landfall, so those intensity models could change.

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