This video showing a shark-feeding frenzy off the coast of Venice, Louisiana has people freaking out this morning.

The video is below, by the way. 

For anyone familiar with the Jaws movies and who found themselves forever affected by the (sometimes unreasonable) fear that was born out of the idea of a shark-feeding frenzy, this video is definitely a

I confess I've been in that category myself. Even though Shark Week has shined a light on the truth about sharks--both confirming why we should be extraordinarily cautious and also showing a different side to the shark community--we have something wired into our psyches when it comes to marine animals with broad, toothy grins.

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What led to the wild feed frenzy off the coast of Venice, Louisiana?

Well, we don't know definitively. Patrick Colson-Price of Storyful simply shared that the video revealing a "massive shiver of sharks feeding" was captured by fishermen. The video was then picked up by USA Today and, and likely many other sources. And since then, the video has received many, many, MANY views.

Here's the video:

We can guess what may have caused the feeding frenzy. Obviously, where there are fishermen, there are often fish. And any fish caught on hooks means "blood in the water." And "blood in the water" means there's a good chance a shiver of sharks will be drawn to the area.

So I'm curious: When you watch this feeding frenzy video, does it fill you with total dread? Horror? Curiosity? Let me know at

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