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  • Give your plant the best chance at life
  • Select plants that do well in Central, Southern, and East Texas
  • It's not you, it's the plants

If your friends and family have labeled you "The Plant Murderer" in the family, there are some easy ways to remedy that. The first thing is to pick a plant that you might not love.

That's the trade-off when talking about keeping plants outside your home alive in Texas. You will have to pick something known to thrive in your environment without much interaction from you.

If you pick some native plants, you will have a much better time keeping a low-maintenance garden alive. Occasionally you will have to do some early morning watering to keep some of them healthy, but that is only in the most severe drought.

Texas Plants That Survived The Freeze Of 2021

Even if they freeze, they could still come back, and I have personally seen that with a crape myrtle in my garden. It's springing new life, right when I thought it was completely dead from "The Great Texas Freeze" of 2021.



Not Applicable To West Texas 

Not every part of Texas can get the most out of this information. The list is perfect for just about everyone in Texas, except West Texas.

I don't think you can keep much more than cacti alive without frequent watering in that part of Texas. If where you live actually gets some rainfall, then this should help you out.

Just keep your placement in mind as not all of these plants love direct sunlight.

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