Viral Video Alert: Confused Woman's Hilarious Encounter at Texas Sonic Ordering Stall!

Excuse me, ma'am, that's not how Sonic works.

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I have absolutely no clue what this lady's thought process was that ended her up in the position we see her in at the beginning of the video below. I mean, she's behind the ordering stalls.



Poor little rascal can't seem to figure it out. She keeps pulling forward and back repeatedly like that scene in the Austin Powers movie where he's trying to turn the cart around in the narrow hall.  

Alternate Perspective

At one point in the video, she gets out of the car to take a look.



After inspecting the scene, she returns to her car to give it another go. Finally, the inevitable happens, and she wacks the ordering stall. It looks like the front part of the stall on her side breaks off. Oopsie!



Check out the video below:


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