Snow saved Joey + Rory’s Joey Feek from inconsolable anguish. In his most recent This Life I Live blog post, Rory Feek reveals that as his wife struggled to say the difficult words he knew she was feeling, snowflakes began falling outside her childhood Indiana home, bringing a smile to her face.

In addition, Rory says that the duo’s new album of hymns will be available on Valentine’s Day. He even shared one song from Hymns That Are Important to Us over video footage of snowflakes falling across the farm. Joey recorded songs like this one (“It Is Well With My Soul”) over the last several months. The duo even cut a television special in October.

The blog post begins with a picture of their Tennessee neighbor’s daughter, Scout, who has Loeys-Dietz syndrome. She was horseback riding at the Center for Courageous Kids in Kentucky, and her parents sent a picture to the Feeks with a message that read: “Scout can’t wait until Indiana joins her at camp.”

That was the part that left Joey shaking with emotion, thinking of their daughter, Indiana, who has Down syndrome, and all of the events she won't be there to see. Rory writes:

I wasn’t sure what had happened – what the pain was that she was feeling – so I tried to put my arms around her and asked, “what’s wrong”, and then through her tears, she said the words….

…the ones I knew she felt, but she had never said before.

…the words that are the hardest, most-difficult part of all that she, and we, are going through:

‘I want to raise our baby’, she cried, and her tears fell harder…  ‘I want to be the one to teach her.’

Rory admits he wasn't sure how to console his wife of 12 years, but then she saw snowflakes falling outside.

Like manna from Heaven.  God sent us just what we needed…  just when we needed it.   He always does.

The Feeks will donate a portion of proceeds from the Hymns That Are Important to Us album to the Loeys-Dietz Syndrome Foundation.

Joey Feek is battling end-stage cancer and was recently moved to in-home hospice. The 40-year-old's husband and duo partner has been chronicling her journey through his blog.

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