Sad news from the Kevin Fowler camp today friends.  Longtime drummer Ken Tondre has left to pursue other endeavors.  Where is he going?  What's he going to do?  Ken explains that good drummers can't sit still for long.  Click "read more" to read Ken's announcement.

Statement from Ken's Facebook page, posted this morning (Nov. 18th, 2013)

"Well my friends, Friday marked the end of a remarkable decade of playing music with Kevin Fowler, a lifelong friend and amazing songwriter with an incredible gift for captivating an audience. Leaving a band that has become part of my core identity isn't easy, but it's the right step for the both of us as we keep pursuing our passions. Looking back, it's amazing to recall the growth of our audiences, from honky-tonk gigs ten years ago to thousands on a given night. I also recall the enjoyment of the creative process during long hours in my recording studio, The Compound Recording Studio producing Kevin's newest record and his other projects.

People who know me will readily admit that I'm a driven individual when it comes to getting the music (and pretty much everything else) right, but I've always believed the fans and the music deserved that degree of effort. My first fan, my mom, would tell you I've been that way from the first time I picked up a pair of wooden spoons and started wailing on her copper-bottomed stockpot on the kitchen floor. I like to think that passion for excellence has helped fuel the band's success.

In the days and weeks to come, I look forward to immersing myself even further into the producing opportunities at THE COMPOUND (including future projects with Kevin) as I work the grit of a thousand outdoor shows from my skin and reconnect with my family. I'll also keep helping bands work out the kinks in their shows and arrangements with my Surrogate Band Leader program. In time, I look forward to finding my next touring gig since a drummer is just a metronome with skin unless he (or she--girls can play drums too) is in a band, making music for people.

Until that next gig, I thank Kevin for the opportunity, bid farewell to my band mates and wish them all the best of luck. Most of all, I want to send much love to all the fans. You are the ones who make dreams come true for musicians like me. You've made it amazing!"

I've had the pleasure to get to know Ken over the years and he's one of the most talented, animated, positive, amazing, and did I mention TALENTED, people I've ever met.  Great things are in store for him.  He's seen a million faces, and ROCKED them all!!  Keep your sticks up Ken!--Steve Rixx

Here's Ken tearing up the skins in San Antonio at Cowboys!!