William Clark Green knew at age 13 that he would pursue a career writing and singing songs.  He attended college at Texas Tech, and played in front of a crowd as often as he could.  I discovered WCG a few years ago, like I usually do, with someone sharing the video for the song, "Caroline" from his first album Misunderstood.  I was blown away by this young man from Flint Texas.

His songwriting skills and his vocal ability seem to come from a deep place in a much older soul.  This dude is GOOD!  I felt a connection to several songs from that first album, "Sweet Amy", "Caroline", "Drunk On Desire", and "Catch Me When I Fall" (featuring Josh Abbott).  I burned that CD up in my car driving the roads of southeast Texas.  His lyrics become a melody of their own inside the music of each song.

I knew that William Clark Green was something special, but then I began hearing other artists mention his name as someone they were listening to.  That impressed me even further.  The latest album, Rose Queen is loosely inspired by the city of Tyler Texas.  It's another masterpiece of songwriting prowess, and it's been burning up my CD player again this past year.

I finally had the chance to meet WCG this past Friday (February 28) when he stopped by the Kicks 105 studios for a visit to talk about the new album that's in the works.  I enjoyed that chat we had, and then had the great fortune to be in his presence while he performed a new song from the new album for me.  I'm also excited to be able to share this little gem with you.

One of the biggest and best perks of this job is getting to see new music directly from the artist that created it.  This is going to be very good!  Do yourself a favor and go get Williams first two albums!  I'm sure you'll be pleased.  I'm proud to be a Texan, and proud that William Clark Green represents us so very well.  Amazing music from an amazing young man!  Support Texas/Red Dirt music!

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