's how the conversation went when I was trying to set up the surprise delivery of our prizes for our Mother's Day Giveaway from KICKS 105 and Badders Law Firm:

Lady: Wells ISD Superintendent's Office

Danny:  Hello, this is Danny Merrell with KICKS 105 and this is going to seem like a strange request.  We have drawn a mother's day prize winner and we are wanting to make a surprise delivery to her today.  We know she lives in Nacogdoches, but we don't know where she works or specifically where she lives.  We do, however, know that her kids attend Wells school district.  They're names are Hunter and Hollie Holbrook.  But, like I said, we're trying to keep this a secret from their mother.  Do you or does anybody there in the office know anything about their mom?

Lady:  This is their mom.


surprised Danny

Needless to say, our delivery of the Mother's Day Giveaway Prize Package to April Holbrook at Wells ISD was not much of a surprise, but we certainly did have a good time and some great laughs regarding the entire situation.  A special thanks to Badders Law Firm for sponsoring our giveaway, and to the wonderful staff at Wells ISD for making us feel at home, and, of course, to Hollie and Hunter for entering their mom in our giveaway.

Thanks to all of our listeners who shared some very special words about their moms.  We have some of those listed in a separate post on our website.

Here's to a very happy and blessed Mother's Day to all moms.

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