A teacher of elementary to middle school aged kids in Manchester, England gave her class a 'novel' assignment for World Book Day (March 5th).  She asked her students to come to school dressed as one of their favorite literary characters.    To say she got more than she bargained for is a vast understatement. 

According to a report, students came dressed in some rather predictable outfits such as James Bond, Harry Potter, Wizard of Oz characters, even American Sniper Chris Kyle was represented, however, Liam Scholes took the top prize, or should we say top surprise.

nicola scholes via Twitter

The 11-year-old came dressed as Christian Grey from '50 Shades of Grey', complete with the dapper suit and, uh, some props, shall we say.  Liam's mom, Nicola, is a primary school teacher and accused the authorities at her son's school of living a double standard for deeming his costume inappropriate.  She claimed that one teacher dressed up as a serial killer and there was no issue over that.