Seeing all the celebrities get dressed up for the Golden Globes last night (Jan 8th) got me thinking about Hollywood's finest. In particular, the ones that kind of look like my friends.

We pick on each other a lot here in the Kicks studio, but now we're calling on you to add some fuel to the flames, and let us know what celebs you think we look like the most.

I'm well aware that there are websites that do the work for you, but we don't trust those sites. We trust our loyal listeners.

We know we're not the best looking bunch ... Heck, that's why we got in radio in the first place.

Post in the comments who you think we look like. This could provide us with years of material to ridicule one another with, so just let your imaginations go wild.

Here's a gallery to help reacquaint you with our faces. We're already sorry, and no ... you can't get these pictures in a higher resolution.


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