When I heard the rumors earlier this week, I was hoping they were just fishcious rumors, and the posts I saw on social media were just a lot of carp. But, unfortunately, it's ofishal.

Long John Silver's in Lufkin is Long Gone

I drove by their location on Timberland Drive earlier today (9/30), just in time to see a Penske truck pulling out of the parking lot. I saw three employees walking out the back of the building and I struck up a quick conversation with them.

They told me that they were shocked when they received the news this past Sunday. No warning at all. I guess it was something along the lines of thank you for your years of service to the company, but as of this moment, the doors are closed...permanently.

One of the ladies had been working for the Lufkin Long John Silver's for 8 years, another for 7, and a third was based out of another market, but she had been traveling back and forth to the Lufkin location for 12 years.

These past few days, the soon-to-be ex-employees have been packing stuff up, taking signs down, and moving things out.  In fact, today was their final day at the restaurant.

So...Where is the Nearest LJS?

The Nacogdoches location shut down a few years ago, and now Lufkin is shuttered. That leaves Longview as the nearest LJS location, followed by Shreveport and then the Houston area.

I've always been a huge fan of Long John Silver's. But, it looks like I'll be in for a long drive to get some of that flavorful flaky breading that folks have been trying to copycat for decades.

What Should Take Over That Restaurant Now?

That is prime restaurant real estate on Timberland Drive. I wouldn't mind if the powers that be did a complete overhaul of the place and reopen/rebrand it as an updated Long John Silver's...but, you don't have to be brain sturgeon to know that won't happen.

How about another Mexican food place?  Cod, I hope not. Whatever it is, I hope it doesn't flounder. Can you come up with any suggestions?  If you do, let minnow.

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