According to Monday's Lufkin Police report, officers responded to a Sunday afternoon call in the 200 block of McMullen Street.  Emily Collier, 23, allegedly resisted arrest when an officer attempted to take her into custody on warrants at her mother's home.

Officers responded to her mother's home the previous day after an argument over child visitation led to a physical altercation.  Lufkin Police claim that Collier attempted to strangle her mother with a kitchen knife pressed against her throat. When her mother got away and locked herself in a different room, Collier stabbed the door and attempted to break it down. She left after breaking the knife off in the door.  An investigation into the matter is ongoing.
Elsewhere, Sunday night Lufkin Police arrested Latisha Jones, 37, for assault/family violence after slapping her boyfriend in front of an officer. Jones told the officer they had been dating two years and her boyfriend had just told her he was married.


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