In the reality talent series America's Got Talent, when a judge is super-impressed with a performer, he/she can give that entrant a 'golden buzzer'. That allows the 'act' to jump through automatically to the live shows.

Cailyn Crow, a senior at Lufkin High School, recently super-impressed some judges in East Texas. She impressed the judges not with her singing, dancing, or playing an instrument but with her science fair project. (Certainly not implying that Cailyn is not an accomplished singer, dancer, or musician)

Heading to Los Angeles, Not Hollywood

Crow has been issued a fast pass straight to Los Angeles, California for the Regeneron International Science and Engineering Fair hosted by the Society for Science.

The judges at the East Texas Regional Science Fair in Kilgore in February were so impressed with Cailyn's project that she received a special invitation, bypassing the state competition to enter the international science fair. The judges only choose one project each year that can go straight to the international competition.


What Is Cailyn's Project?

Cailyn's project was about the effect of protists as a biofertilizer on the rate of growth in plants. She chose the topic because the more she researched, the more she realized it was new territory, and her hypothesis was correct.

Regeneron ISEF 2024 will take place at the Los Angeles Convention Center from May 11-17, 2024. Regeneron ISEF 2024 is an in-person event with all finalists competing in person.

Cailyn is interested in pursuing a career in aviation and either attending LeTourneau University in Longview or Stephen F. Austin State University in the fall.

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