Kevin Dwayne Williamson

Dumb =  Committing a crime.

Dumber = Inadvertently dialing someone while you are committing the crime.

Dumbest = That someone you dialed is the 9-1-1 dispatch. 

According to the Lufkin Police Department, just after midnight Wednesday morning, officers responded to the area of Daniel McCall and College Drive for a possible in-progress theft.

How did the LPD know of a theft in progress?  Apparently, one of the thieves unknowingly dialed 9-1-1, and the conversation that thief one and thief two had led the dispatcher to believe a theft was in progress, plus the dispatcher was also able to piece together where the crime was taking place.

Ah yes, 'butt-dialing' at its best.  The official police report doesn't specify which body part or area actually did the dialing, but we do know that arrested and charged with theft of aluminum and copper were 30 year old Charles A Williamson and 32 year old Kevin D Williamson.

We also don't know which Williamson made the call, but we can bet that will topic of many upcoming conversations, all be it in jail.

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